Vải Fr-One Delis – Soft Decor
Vải Fr-One Delis

Vải Fr-One Delis


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Collection Delis
Label FR-One
End use Multi-purpose, Drapery, Upholstery
Characteristics Texture
Design type Plain
Composition 100% Polyester inherent FR
Repeats Plain
Useable width (cm) 142.00
Weight (g/m²) 270
Colour fastness to light 5
M1 France Yes
B1 Germany Yes
BS5867 part 2 type B Yes
EN13773 Yes
IMO FTPC PART 7: Textiles and films Yes
NFPA 701 Yes
NFPA 260 Yes
CAL 19 section 1237.1 Yes
CAL 117 (Complies) Yes